About Us

Established in 1939, the New England Newspaper Operations Association (Abbreviated NENOA or simply NOA) is composed of members from across New England whose careers center around newspaper production and operations.

NOA’s mission is to provide educational, professional leadership and support to the New England newspapers by providing reasonably priced, high-quality, cutting edge programs which concentrate primarily on publishing technology, quality assurance, environmental compliance, and human resource management and development.

Free NOA membership is open to all production-related vendors and all active and former newspaper production employees. Sign up for membership and learn about upcoming events at this website (www.NENOA.org).  

The NOA Board of Directors is a volunteer organization composed of New England newspaper production executives and select vendor representatives. Applications to become a board member are available upon request.  Three positions are currently available.

To sign up for regular or board of directors membership, click here.

For additional information about NOA please see the booklet published in 1989.